German Startup develops physical NFT

German Startup develops physical NFT

Chemnitz/Germany, February 9, 2022 – The startup announces itsNFT product launch. Together with co-founder Christoph Jentzsch, a pioneer in the blockchain and DAO community, the startup has developed a new type of crypto-optical code. With its help, physical objects can be transferred to the digital world using NFT.

NFTs - digital certificates of authenticity and ownership

NFTs (Non-Fungible Tokens) are already firmly established in the tech scene to declare ownership of digital assets and make them tradable. Based on its patented technology, theChemnitz startup now offers the possibility of creating NFTs for physical objects. With gummy, its latest product, an NFT for physical objects can be generated via the special sticker. Causing an NFT for the physical thing, e.g., a painting works in three simple steps:

“stick it, own it, trade it.”

stick it
: The gummy is stuck to the physical object and thus acts as an analog anchor and information carrier for the digital certificate of ownership, the NFT.

own it: The gummy is scanned with a smartphone using the app developed by, thereby generating the associated NFT.

trade it: The connection of the physical object to its NFT via gummy is thus complete.From now on, the NFT-sized product can be traded on crypto marketplaces, used onWeb3, or otherwise presented digitally.

gummy – the physical NFT sets new standards in a virtual trading

Together with his founding team, Christoph Jentzsch wants to set new Web3 and virtual commerce standards. The easy-to-use product – gummy will revolutionize the digitization of physical objects. The founding team associates gummy with a clear vision:

"Every unique product will exist in the form of an NFT in the future. So far, the NFT market has been booming purely in virtual space. We're changing that with gummy, the physical NFT. We transfer physical objects into the digital world using a copy-protected and non-transferable sticker and make artworks, artifacts, products, or whatever is available as NFT on the Web3.Beyond the NFT trades, this opens up countless potentials for further shaping Web3."


authentic Network GmbH, based in Chemnitz, was founded in 2016 and specialized in blockchain-based counterfeit protection. The unique printable cryptographic code can detect fakes. These include, for example, physical products such as medicines, documents, or certificates that can be digitally secure in this way.